Decorative plastic parts

To provide maximum value to your products, the Asytec factory in China is equipped to offer you a huge variety of plastic parts decoration and customization solutions.

Mass coloring plastic parts

The most conventional, economic and sustainable manner to achieve the colored plastic parts is the coloring “in the mass”. The plastic material is colored before plastic injection. The coloration may be performed in "mass dyed" with a color realized by plastic supplier. The coloration can also be made "on-press" by adding a pigment dose to plastic materials just prior to injection. The colors obtained in this way are numerous and are chosen from the RAL color spectrum.

Painting on plastic injection parts

To meet our customers’ specific needs, Asytec in China offers the painting on plastic injection parts. Plastic parts painting is carried out in our factory in China and ensures the highest quality level of finishing and details (painting color, varnishing, painting savings).

PU coating paint on plastic injection parts

In order to get a silky "soft" feel of plastic parts, the PU coating paint is used. The operation is carried out by ASYTEC teams in the factory in China. The PU varnish ensures a high level of finish and quality of the subsets and other plastic injection parts.

Chrome plating on plastic injection parts

Chrome plating of plastic injection parts is used to add more value to the parts and subsets. It is an essential complement to many decorative parts and high-end products. It can be easily carried out in China by Asytec ensuring a high level of quality and appearance control.

Metallization of plastic injection parts

For the most demanding applications in terms of plastic parts finishing, Asytec offers metallizing solutions. After injection molding, the parts are coated with a metal layer. The type of finish (copper, brass, aluminum ...) is varied and the quality of finish (brushed, polished, aged, … ) make the plastic subsets more valuable while the production costs are kept low and under control.

Serigraph printing

Serigraph or screen printing method allows to put a detail of great finesse on plastic injection parts. It is mostly used for decorating the products with a logo or an image.

Pad printing

Pad printing or tampography process is particularly used for free and complex form surfaces of the plastic injection parts. The pad shapes are made according to the surface to be printed on. To carry out the marking of a logo of many colors, one pad for each color needs to be made.

Water transfer printing

Water transfer printing is also known as Hydro dipping, hydrographics or cubic printing. This method is about applying printed designs on different surfaces made of ABS, ASA, PA and other materials. It provides wood, aluminum or carbon imitations. The hydrographic film is applied to all the surfaces of the subset and is protected by a special varnish to withstand the continuous use and UV rays.

ASYTEC offers you to order the "Asytec sets" containing all the materials and decoration solutions to let you make your best choice.

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