General questions

Do you own the production factory in China?

Yes, since 2004 we own the production factory in China, in Canton province.

Here is a brief history about our Asytec factory in China:

2004 - Creation of the company in France and China.

2006 - First production plant 2000m²  (China).

2010 - New production factory of 4000m²  (China).

2013 - Expansion of the production plant + 1500m²   (China).

What services are proposed by your company?

The processes performed by Asytec are:

-    plastic and metal parts manufacturing

-    complete assembly

-    OEM manufacturing

These functions are intended primarily for the small/medium enterprises and the start-ups.

Asytec has significant technical means and human resources to make your plastic and metal parts and perform the complete assembly of your products. Asytec provides the study of your project, the commercial monitoring, supply and procurement, quality control, handling and delivery of the goods.

Asytec can also use external partners to meet the specific demands of your project.

Do you have a quality guide and nonconformity treatment procedure?

Yes we have a complete quality guide and nonconformity treatment procedure. This is in order to meet all the requirements and technical needs of our customers. These elements are transmitted by our 100% French Customer Service.

Who is the owner of the molds at the end of the production?

The molds designed and manufactured by Asytec are owned by the customer. Molds can be retrieved from the factory at any time by the customer.

Are you able to realize all manufacturing processes?

Yes we control the whole of plastic and metal parts manufacturing processes.

Starting from injection plastic extrusion through cutting, folding, welding metal, everything is done in our own factory in China.
The silicone compression, machining, aluminum injection, surface treatment are made with our qualified experts and partners.

How are you equipped for the quality control of parts?

For the quality control of manufactured parts we have a qualified team dedicated to it (which currently represents 10% of our workforce) and means of industrial controls (tools, gauge, and projector, 3D ...).

Do you provide monitoring reports of the manufactured parts and at what price?

We provide monitoring and control reports for free.

Where can we find your products?

The areas of application of our products are varied. They can be the professional material (food industry, fashion, building, or medical area) as well as consumer industrial products.

Specific issue

Do you guarantee the storage, the maintenance and the conservation of the tools (molds)?

Yes, we do store and maintain the customers’ tools in our Asytec factory in China.

What material is used to manufacture the tools?

To manufacture the prototypes we use the aluminum.

For serial production of steel: the frame is made of standard steel XC48 and the imprints are made of steel 718H - S136H.

What is the warranty period of the tools?

The warranty period for plastic injection molds is based on at least 50,000 pieces throughout 5 to 10 years of production.

What are the tolerances and degrees of accuracy of parts manufactured in your factory?

For plastic injection, Asytec meets the NFT 58000 standard which means a tolerance of +/- 0.1mm.

Did you make any investments recently? Do you intend to invest in the nearest future?

Yes, we make the investments regularly to ensure the quality of our production.

Since 2015 a plastic extrusion line has been installed and tested. By the end of 2017, we will purchase new injection presses and stamping machines.

Do you meet the REACH standards for all types of manufactured parts?

Yes, we respect these standards for all types of products we manufacture. We can provide all certificates at your request.

Do you have any certifications?

Not at the moment. We were ISO9001 certified until 2011. We have not renewed this certification since then.