Finalization metal parts

To provide maximum value to your parts and products, Asytec in China has specialized much of its factory and workshops to finalization processes.

Laser marking

The Asytec factory in China is equipped to offer the laser marking subcontracting in order to laser mark all types of metal or plastic parts, print the logos and decorate the metal parts. You can be sure that realizing these processes in China remains very competitive in terms of costs.


To ensure best quality metal parts from foundry or welding, Asytec has developed special machines for industrial polishing of all types of metal parts (planar, cylindrical). The competitiveness of Asytec factory in China provides the ability to perform these operations at the best cost while preserving high quality.


Production of technical parts in China has more interest if they are integrated in a complete subset. The Asytec assembly lines are modular and allow to assemble mechanical subsets in small, medium or large series of products.