Packaging of finished products

To provide a complete manufacturing solution, Asytec ensures the packaging operations. According to our quality charter, the packaging of your OEM products by Asytec China ensures a high finish degree and added value.

Unit packaging of your product

To promote your product, to protect it or simply to stand out from other companies, all types of unit package are available with Asytec and its partners in China. Depending on your requirements we achieve the packaging of your product (blister, cardboard box, printing ...) and we provide a product "ready for sale".

Packing list, shipping size and delivery of products

To meet all your requirements and to optimize logistics costs, Asytec ensures your packaging in cartons. Bulk delivery for the most basic and robust products or unit packaging bags, bubble wrap, cardboard boxes with separations for the most fragile products. All packaging and packaging solutions are possible with Asytec factory in China.