Finished product design

Asytec and its partners provide you their expertise to assist you in the technical development phase of your product. Listening, consulting, technical study, development, mechanical engineering, all is at the service of technical development of your industrial project.

The synergy of Asytec’s know-how and its partners’ skills, as well as the local presence in France guarantee solid and smooth realization of this early stage in the life of your product.

Technical specification drafting

To outline what you really need and wish for your project. To provide an outside view to your needs. To get a useful document and indispensable reference for all development actors of your product. Asytec can help you to concretize and formalize your needs and summarize them into a functional technical specification.

Mechanical design

In compliance with the technical and design specifications, the mechanical engineering team develops its know-how to put into practice your idea. Our expertise is based on the thorough analysis of every single mechanical detail, function and form of your product in order to furnish you with the best doable mechanical concept.

Electronic design

The design of the electronic boards is realized by our confident partner based in France. Mapping, PCB layout and routing are realized in France as well. All electronic part of your project is realized in the respect of your technical specifications and in the compliance with the international electrical safety standards.

Manufacturing documentation

To define the concept of mechanical and electronic design phase of the industrialization project, the manufacturing documentation is created. Manufacturing documentation provides the quotations and cost approvals of your product manufacturing process. It consists of the documents from mechanical engineering and electronical design studies, 3D digital models of mechanical parts (IGS or STP format), 2D drawings of details of components (reference, name, material, tolerance, and designation), product or subset name, assembly drawings, PCB gerber files.