OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and finished goods

Asytec’s production expertise and manufacturing know-how are based on Asytec factory located in China since 2004 and 3 fields of experience: plastics processing, metalworking and assembly.

The flexibility and competitiveness of Asytec production facilities ensures an efficient manufacturing of your finished products.

Expert in industrial processes

We are experts in industrial processes. The plastic injection is the cornerstone of Asytec production. Metal work completes our technical expertise. The finalization and assembly workshops ensure final phases of your OEM products. The extrusion of plastic tubes is another field of Asytec technical skill since 2016.

Multi technology production

To meet all the requirements of our customers, our structure in China works with a network of partners and qualified Chinese subcontractors. Our purchasing office uses the full potential of Chinese industry to serve your OEM finished product. Any technology you need and are looking for (machining, casting, heat treatment ...) is possible with one single business and industrial partner: Asytec.

Quality and assembly

The components made in-house (plastic, metal) or subcontracted via our partners are all controlled and assembled in the Asytec factory and assembly workshops. In compliance with your quality requirements, according to a defined and repeatable process, the Asytec assembly workshop in China ensures the assembly and quality control necessary for the successful completion of your OEM product.