Foundry and injecting aluminum parts

Asytec in China ensures a competitive and secure outsourcing services for all your aluminum parts. Asytec is cooperating with a network of partners to manufacture all types of parts by aluminum gravity casting and die casting. All manufactured parts are controlled and packed in Asytec factory in China before shipment.

Aluminum gravity casting / foundry

Simple aluminum gravity die casting is well suited to small and medium series of products. The prices of parts and tooling are also very competitive. Finalization operations are easily performed at low cost in China (aluminum machining, polishing, painting ...)

Aluminum die casting

Injecting the aluminum alloy or aluminum die casting allow the production of very complex parts with a fine geometry. The process and aluminum injection tools are similar to those of plastic injection. These processes are perfectly performed by the Asytec teams and their partners in China. The finishing operations, polishing, marking and quality control are also provided by the Asytec factory in China.

ZAMAK injection

The use of aluminum-zinc alloy ZAMAK gives another opportunity to achieve the aluminum parts. With ZAMAK alloy you can produce the parts with more details and more possibilities for decoration and finalization. The ZAMAK injected parts are easily used for further processes like galvanizing for example. Moreover, ZAMAK injection is recommended for its competitive price.




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