Mechanical engineering

Prior to the production and industrialization processes, Asytec can be more than helpful in designing your products and mechanical engineering of your projects.

Our mechanical engineering office in France guides you to develop, design and adapt your idea to the industrial production tools and technologies in China.

Development of specifications

  • Explaining the project / Defining the functions
  • Explaining the technologies
  • Regulatory restraints and standards
  • Defining the targets
  • Cost estimations (Study - Prototype - Tools - Parts)

Technical guidance, materials selection

  • Advice and comments on your specifications
  • Technical alternatives suggestions
  • Dealing with economic constraints
  • Materials and process expertise, project implementation

3D modeling, optimization of industrial design

  • Final approval in regards to the project specifications of targets
  • Approval of materials and finalization methods for plastic parts
  • Technical design optimization (undercuts, mold properties, thickness, shrinkage cavities, surface condition ...)
  • Cost optimization of the design (quantities, weight, standardization, drawers ...)

Consultation and manufacturing files

  • Layout plan
  • Overall plan (Assembly - Installation instructions ...)
  • Parts and supplies list