Metal parts machining

Asytec factory in China provides traditional machining and CNC machining parts. Asytec's partners in China perform a secondary rework operations on metal cast parts and also realize the metal parts by material removal.

Precision machining

To meet the most demanding customer needs in terms of precision and quality, Asytec cooperates with a network of partners to produce CNC machining parts and those made on a 5-axis machining center. All types of materials can be machined (steel, stainless steel aluminum ....). The machined parts are either integrated into the mechanical subsets assembled by Asytec, or they are just controlled, packed and shipped by Asytec to the customer.

Rework machining

To become functional, metal parts made by gravity casting, lost wax casting or injection, must often be reworked by machining. The Asytec teams in China manage a network of partners of injectors, founders and machinists. Asytec can therefore respond to the greatest number of requests for the realization of metal parts.




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