Electronic products integration

Asytec realizes the wiring of electronic boards and ensures their integration in a plastic casing or in a final mechanical subset.

Electronic board wiring

Manufacturing of PCB is directly driven by the Asytec teams in China. Electronic components are sourced by the Asytec purchasing office. The electronic board wiring is realized in China in CMS or traditional way.

Functional programming and testing

All electronic boards are individually tested in-house. The electronic boards undergo functional and in situ tests. The assembled PCB are programmed. The confidentiality of the embedded software is preserved by ensuring the testing and internal programming by Asytec teams in China.

Mechanical integration "casing"

The strength of the Asytec plant located in China is the union of electronic workshop, production and assembly within one single structure. The mechanical functions, the subsets and plastic casing are all produced internally. Your electronic boards are integrated directly within your industrial product.