OEM ODM Manufacturing

Industrial manufacturing: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) The whole industrial structure Asytec in China is dedicated to realize OEM and ODM orders. For our industrial customers (small offices, small and medium-sized enterprises, middle market companies, …) we offer sustainable, secure and complete solutions in order to manage their buyer targets and outsourcing needs.

Industrial manufacturing expertise

Our production site based in China has extensive production facilities. Being specialized in 3 major industrial processes (plastic injection, plastic extrusion, metal working), our factory is able to respond to all your technical manufacturing needs.

Production multiple technologies

Our engineer teams in China work with a number of Chinese partners and qualified technical subcontractors to provide the best industrial technologies. Asytec ensures the quality control services and the assembly of your final products.

Industrial partnership

Since 2004 Asytec based in France (commercial and technical office) and China (production, logistics services) provides a reliable response to the industrial needs of its customers. Mutual partnership relationships between Asytec and its customers guarantee sustainable, secured, fruitful and long term cooperation.