Project industrialization

Asytec is a French specialist for industrialization of your projects and products in China.

Based on its factory in China and French speaking Customer Service in France, Asytec offers efficient and competitive industrialization services.

Molds and tools

The tools needed for industrial production of your products, such as plastic injection molds, tooling for cutting and stamping, as well as electronic production tools, are made in China with the Chinese toolmakers partners and mold makers at Asytec factory. Supervised by Asytec engineering team, these tools are made to ensure optimal performance within the technical, time and cost requirements. All the long of your project realization, the tools are stored in the Asytec factory in China. Therefore Asytec ensures their maintenance and guarantees long-term preservation of your investment.

Initial samples

The realization of tooling and production of plastic injection molds are validated by the presentation of initial samples called EI (“échantillons initiaux”). Depending on your production records, the injection molds are used to make the first samples. The first products are completed and finalized to provide a set of initial validation samples. They are used to validate the mold or production tool and to approve the successful industrialization process.

Industrialization process in China

The industrialization process is critical to the success of your project. This is the stage where your technical idea begins to materialize and becomes ready for series production. At that stage of industrialization, it is important to be assisted by a partner ensuring technical expertise and proximity. Close cooperation is essential to face up all the technical challenges and be ready for industrial mass production.


  1. Analyze of technical files and records
  2. Quotation approval
  3. Pre-study mold (parting, injection, ejection)
  4. Starting the mold production
  5. Study of mold (customer validation)
  6. Mold machining
  7. Tools adjusting
  8. Initial samples
  9. Tuning
  10. Final validation