Samples and industrialization

The industrialization of projects and technical products are Asytec’s top priorities. We industrialize technical products with complete, safe and sustainable industry solutions. Our teams in French office and in the factory in China control every step of the manufacturing process.

Project detailed quotation

In collaboration with our sales and technical office based in France, we study your consultation files and your RFQ to offer you the most suitable costing, in accordance with the technical, economic and industrial specifications.

Tools manufacturing

All the tools needed for the production of your project / product / subsystems are controlled by our production site in China. Our teams in China and France stay in constant contact with you to let you follow up all the manufacturing process.

  • Plastic injection molds
  • Stamping tools
  • Aluminum molds
  • Electronic tools

Tools manufacturing is done in China in order to meet all of your financial requests and to offer you the best supplier solution. The production follow-up is completed by our 100% French Customer Service, from the very beginning to the very end of your project.

Initial samples manufacturing

The production tools are approved by the Customer upon the initial samples. The samples are the technical parts made with tools (plastic injection molds, ...) or the technical components made without tools (machining, laser cutting, standard supplies). The initial samples are provided with the production expertise and the Customer Service monitoring.