Sheet metal working

Since 2004 Asytec has been specialized in the sheet metal working. Huge part of Asytec factory in China is dedicated to the metal cutting and stamping processes.

Stamping tools

The development and realization of stamping tools is completely ensured by the in-house Asytec factory in China. The simple and economical tools are privileged to allow even a small-lot metal parts production.

Metal cutting

The Asytec manufacturing plant in China disposes of major manufacturing means in cutting and metal stamping. Punch presses and folding presses allow the realization of large-dimension metal parts. The processes are adapted to the needs of each product and allow the manufacture of small-lot parts (laser cutting and folding) or medium and large-lot parts (tools for cutting and folding)

  • cutting blanks and metal strips of all types of materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminum)
  • adapting the metal cutting process to the needs of each part. Metal cutting, individual metal stamping, laser cutting in China.

Metal stamping

  • Manufacturing the stamped parts with individual metal stamping machines (accelerated operation machines)
  • Tool costs reduced, easier amortization, launching small and medium-sized series of products
  • Press stamping of stainless steel, steel and galvanized steel parts and also pre-lacquered sheet metal elements
  • Deep metal stamping of stainless steel and common drawing steel

Asytec metal stamping machines

  • 10 metal stamping machines 16, 25, 40, 80, 110 and 120T
  • metal cutting shears – large 150 cm
  • folding presses 60T and 100T, large 250cm




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